• Witley

    Wheeler Street

A resolution to grant planning permission has been received for an 18-dwelling residential development on the site of the former Wheeler Street Nurseries. This redundant site is nestled within the picturesque village of Witley and offered an excellent opportunity to provide a mixed housing scheme that blends seamlessly into its surrounding context.

The key to the success of this scheme has been our client Castle Property’s commitment to providing high quality design across a range of housing types in a mix that covered local and council identified housing need. The approved scheme has been designed as a village grouping of houses that centre around a chain of public green spaces, play areas and courts. The retention of as many existing trees as possible and a collection of varying house designs give the impression that the site is just a further extension of the incremental and historic growth of Witley.

As with all schemes, the narrative and how this is presented is key to the acceptability of a sensitive site design. OSP produced various hand drawn perspective views that assisted in understanding the scale, form and materiality of the proposed scheme and these were fundamental in ensuring that the proposals were read and understood correctly.

Castle Property