• Stroud

    Ramsdean Road

Our vision for this scheme has been to create a landscaped-led development that will positively contribute to the village of Stroud located in the South Downs National Park. The proposals are for a residential development of 30 dwellings, a village hall and associated open space which will add much needed housing and community facilities, ensuring that the community has the ability to expand in a sustainable way within this semi-rural setting.

The landscape-led approach reviewed how the emerging allocation could retain its semi-rural feel, with a swathe of open space that reinforces the adjoining green areas that surround the watercourse and the neighbouring public house. This ensures that the new accessible areas of open space blends with the core of the village and has regard to its existing uses, whilst having some synergy with the clusters of built form largely concentrated around its various lanes. Other measures taken have incorporated SuDs within the core area of the development and rain gardens along the eastern side of the central street, attenuation pond in the north east corner sensitively located within the lowest part of the site to connect to the existing watercourse and a swale and seasonally dry pond along the eastern boundary and open space. Additionally there will be Ecological enhancements through the strengthening of the existing wildlife corridors. An appropriate transition from the new built edge and the surrounding countryside has been achieved through the landscape-led design, informed by a detailed study of the Village, with an active street frontage created along Ramsdean Road.

The scheme provides high quality homes including affordable dwellings for local people and identifies possible future footpath and boardwalk connection to the Seven Stars Public House, ecological enhancements and valuable areas of open space, including a new village green and introduction of a high quality locally distinctive village hall which will be a community asset for Stroud and the neighbouring parishes. Utilising a palette of materials that strengthens the presence of the positive characteristics in Stroud.

Key to the success of this scheme has been to reinforce a plot led approach rather than a house type led approach. This comes across in the fenestration detail and the high quality palette of materials specified across the site, that strengthens the presence of the positive characteristics in Stroud. It is envisaged that the new development will appear as a natural extension by unifying this dispersed village by creating a key central area to act as a catalyst for the interaction between new and existing residents to meet which in turn, preserves and enhances the National Park Purposes and Duty.