Coronavirus - OSP Update

March 2020

We are writing to reassure you that OSP Architecture are taking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation seriously. We are regularly reviewing updates from the Government and Health England and will act as advised appropriately. Business is running as usual.

We have had no confirmed cases in any of our three offices, but we do have a number of staff who are currently in self-isolation. We are constantly monitoring this situation and will make decisions on the occupation of the three offices as necessary, especially as the UK moves towards a peak in infections. We have also already taken measures to ensure that risks to those people considered to be vulnerable are controlled. This has meant that a number of staff across all three offices have been set up to work from home. We are constantly in communication with our staff to ensure that if they or any of their family members have had contact with anyone displaying symptoms of a continuous cough and/or a fever they are to stay at home and self-isolate for 14 days from when their symptoms started.

Should we have a confirmed case of Coronavirus in one of our offices, we will communicate our actions with our clients and staff at the earliest opportunity. If we are required to close that particular office, we will ensure that customers and staff are made aware as soon as possible. We also have a robust system in place which will ensure that business continuity is maintained through any closure or reduction in staff by utilising the operational capacity of our other offices whilst maintaining the required protective measures that need to be considered at that time.

Moving forward we are encouraging all meetings to be carried out by digital communication. Any meetings that are scheduled in the coming weeks will be reorganised to telephone conference calls if possible. We are still arranging site visits, but we are monitoring this as updated advice from the government is received.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.